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Q. Will our insurance premiums reduce as a result of your services?

A. The answer is, with some Insurance Companies yes and others no. The simple answer is to telephone your broker or call the company direct and ask.

Q. Are any of the tests that you perform destructive?

A. Some of the equipment and software tools that we employ may be used for destructive means, however we are implementing safeguards to prevent such methods being used against you, and as such need to test the reaction to them.

Q. Can you guarantee that once you have inspected our premises and our equipment, that we will no longer be susceptible to attack?

A. No reputable company can ever give you that guarantee. If you employ full time staff to implement security regimes and enforce them, you have a good chance of not being successfully attacked. If however you disregard our advice and let security policies lapse, do not keep anti-virus software, firewall software, OS security patches and service packs up to date, then the chances are that you will definitely get hacked at some stage.

Q. What happens once you have made your recommendations and we have followed the advice, is that it?

A. No, we suggest that one of our security operatives does a health check on pre determined dates for the foreseeable future. There are no hard and fast rules, some companies wish us to call in once a month to check that everything is up to date, whilst for some, six monthly is sufficient.

Q. Why don't you publish your address and telephone number?

A. We are a security company, part of the hacking process is establishing the background of the company and possible routes in. We would be hypocrites to say one thing and do another. It is also sensible given our purpose in life, not to assist revenge attacks on our staff, premises or equipment.