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Phishing affects us all, even if we don't get caught out personally. The banks and credit card companies very often have to pick up the tab for fraud of this nature. They however are not philanthropists, and pass that cost back onto the rest of us.

Whilst it may not be true that the people perpetrating these frauds are all drug dealers, people smugglers and gangsters, it is indeed true that they are heartless criminals who care not what havoc and pain they cause the poor unsuspecting people that they con.So please help to stamp out this sort of crime by reporting it. There is a simple method that will take only a few seconds of your time.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on eliminating the fraud and identity theft that result from phishing, pharming and email spoofing of all types. Become a phish terminator by reporting phish today!

Click on this badge to report them. Or simply forward the mail to reportphishing@antiphishing.org

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