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A full on "Black Box" attack / investigation can involve a team of twenty and take a month or more to complete a full investigation and present a detailed report. The costs for such may run from tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But you should bear in mind the amount of business that may be lost by a successful denial of service attack, web site defacement or security breach on the local area network.

A single operative can make an internal examination of between ten and twenty PC's in one day. So it could cost a company as little as £500 to ensure that their network is safe and free from virus, Trojans, rootkits and the potential of a hacking attack.The most popular examination is done from the inside of the company. In this type of examination, access is available to all facilities within the company structure, this may be a single operative or team of two or three. In this type of examination every pc, server, router, switch, workstation, laptop will be tested for existing virus / trojan / malware / root kit and other "unsafe" software installations. In all cases a report will be prepared in order that the company owners may use it to rectify the problems outlined. Of course we will carry out all of the remedial work if required. Who are the Crackers? They range from "script kiddies" that stumble across a code on the Internet and decide to try it out on some unfortunate company or individual, to organized gangs of criminals who extort vast sums of money from business owners by threatening to bring down their company network or web site. In between are the sophisticated Crackers who gain access to confidential information which they use to defraud your company.

Our team of experts may not be able to guarantee that their work will safeguard your business forever. What we do guarantee is that after the remedial work is carried out it will be virtually impossible for any cracker to abuse or attack the systems. Your greatest defence is to make it so difficult that the crackers will look elsewhere for an easier target.