About us


SioLi an acronym for [Secure it or Lose it] are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Speeednet Group We provide comprehensive IT security solutions and service to small and medium sized companies .

Most small companies fail to realise that they are the main target of criminal hackers, simply because they have little or no IT security. The major corporations fully aware of the potential threat employ full time staff to continually monitor the security of their business. So the threat of fraud on small and medium sized companies is very real. These companies have an urgent need to identify the security risk and implement the safeguards. Our company has specially trained security professional who can, for a single fee, identify your areas of risk and provide the IT solutions. Our team has over 16 years of network experience. We have seen, installed and worked on just about every network operating system currently operating in the UK . Team members are trained and qualified to CEH standards [Certificate of Ethical Hacking] the most sought after qualification for IT security personnel. The quality of our service is second to none. Our services range from a one day internal security examination, to a comprehensive examination of potential external attacks of your web site, local area network and complete IT infrastructure.

Crackers (criminal hackers) are getting more numerous and more audacious. The tools they use to attack you are now freely available on the Internet. Constant monitoring and liaison with the major IT companies keeps us abreast of new developments. Regular training and study groups all help to ensure we have the knowledge to deal with the constantly changing threats. We are never more than one step behind the crackers ready to rob your business.