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Without a site visit it is almost impossible to gauge how much an examination will cost. To be factored in is the amount of detail required, whether or not we are to complete the remedial work, the amount of operatives required and the number of machines to be examined..

Normally charged on an hourly basis, we will however often do an overall fixed price contract, irrespective of the time period required to complete the work. We have simplified the whole process to give you some idea as to what the overall cost of a thorough investigation of each piece of equipment in the network chain.

You will after the examination receive a report on each piece of equipment, together with recommendations as to how to cure the problems with notes and aids. A reasonably competent employee with a satisfactory grasp of the workings of a pc would be able to follow the instructions to complete the remedial work.

Of course we will carry out the work, but should you be in the position to have somebody internally to complete the work, we will be happy to re-examine everything once the work is completed at a cost of half the original examination fee.

Please use the following form to calculate an estimate of the examination.

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